The VPT 2023 will have an added prize for the “PoF”

Each VPT festival in 2023 will have an added prize for the best player of each festival “Player of the Festival (PoF)”

Vamos Poker Tour wants to value all the players who participate in most of the tournaments of our festivals. For this reason, we have created the “PoF” or “Player of the Festival” award, in which additional prizes will be distributed during all our festivals in 2023.

What prizes are there in the “Player of the Festival”?

In each festival, the prize for the «PoF» may change, but it will always be an added prize, no percentage of the prize pool will ever be deducted for it.

At the VPT Bucharest 2023 (from February 6 to 12) the prize for the “Player of the Festival” will be a complete package for the following festival: VPT Bratislava 2023 (valued at almost €1,000) to be held from the 24 to 30 of April at Card Casino Bratislava. 

The package includes 7 nights in a 4* Hotel for 2 people with breakfast, VIP Transfer from Vienna airport, free Buffet at the Casino, and entry to the €300 Vamos Poker Tour Main Event. In addition, the winner of the “PoF” will take a champion trophy.

How does the “PoF” scoring system work?

The tournaments that qualify for the “PoF” prize are the Events that have a number with a # in front of them on the official Vamos Poker Tour calendars.

In the VPT Bucharest, there will be a total of 4 events, while for the VPT Bratislava the number of events is expanded to 10.

In order for a player to be eligible for the “PoF” prize of a festival, they must have participated in at least 3 events.

The scoring system that we will use to crown the “PoF” will be the one currently used by the Global Poker Index (GPI).

This scoring system is mainly based on 3 factors:

Minimum 10 players: For a tournament to award points it must have at least 10 total entries. The GPI system establishes a minimum of 32 players, so if there are between 10 and 31 players we will calculate the points with a total of 32 players.

Only players who win prizes will receive points: only players who win prizes in each event will receive points. The better your final position is in each event, the more points you will get.

The number of total players: it will be taken into account in the number of total entries in each event, regardless of the re-entries. The more total players, the more points will be at stake in each event.

In the event that the players reach an agreement with ICM, the points will also be distributed by ICM. If the pact is made equally, the points of the remaining players will also be shared equally.

In case of establishing any extra prizes for the bubble player(s) (“Collect money for the bubble”), those players in the extra prize positions will NOT get points towards the “Player of the Festival” prize. Only officially paid positions will receive points.

What do I have to do to participate in the “PoF” prize? Is it free?

Everyone can participate in the “Player of the Festival” prize, and of course, it’s completely free.

The only requirement to be able to obtain the added prizes of the “PoF” is to be registered on our Website before the closing of the registration of the last event of said festival.

To participate in the “PoF” prize simply visit the page and register.

All registered players will automatically add the points they earn in the different Vamos Poker Tour events.

For example, to be able to access the VPT Bucharest prize, you must be registered on our website before registration closes for the last tournament of the festival, the Accumulator KO that takes place on Sunday. In the event that the winner of the “PoF” was not registered at that time, the prize will be transferred to the next qualifier.

Simply by being registered you can redeem your prize. We will reach out through the email you used when registering on the VPT Website. The registration data must be accurate, otherwise, we will not be able to make the contact properly. In this case, the prize will be transferred to the next qualifier.

At the end of each tournament, we will upload the provisional classification of the “PoF” on our social networks.

The GPI offers a calculator with which you can calculate for yourself the points that are achieved in each event. You can find it on its official page: Global Poker Index (GPI)

You can see the global rules of the GPI ranking at the following link: GPI Rules.